Crafting Targeted Content that Drives Action ​

Standing out and reaching your ideal audience in today’s digital sphere requires laser-focused copy and shareable content.

I collaborate with innovative SaaS companies, digital marketing brands, eCommerce businesses, social media influencers, and content creators to achieve just that. 

Let’s work together to make your brand stand out and achieve the results you’re looking for!

❖ SaaS Content Writing

Product-Led SaaS Content Writing that Drives Demand and Converts Users!

I help you transform your SaaS content from ‘product-led’ to a powerful brand narrative. A lot of SaaS businesses overlook the value of messaging and produce generic, ambiguous, or just plain dull text that doesn’t engage their target audience. 
Avoid making the same error: I incorporate research data, authentic words from your customers and engaging storytelling tailored to your ideal customer profiles to generate demand like never before. 
What It Includes:
Mining Data & Qualitative Research

Any PPC campaign's success depends on its messaging.
Your efforts will be ineffective no matter how much money you spend on advertising if your messaging is flawed.
Let me assist you in developing a message that connects with your audience and produces results.

Outline & Review

Consider where the content idea is in your marketing funnel in relation to personas and their purchasing experiences in order to develop the most successful content for your clients and, ultimately, your bottom line. A great outline increases your chances of ranking well in search engines.

Crafting Content

By using Product-oriented storytelling, I can make your content more compelling and appealing to your target audience. It's not just about standing out from the crowd but also capturing your audience's attention and keeping them engaged.
I weave the features of your product into articles that subtly highlight its benefits and seamlessly blend into the overall narrative of each piece.

Content Optimization

I focus on creating and optimizing content that keeps customers on your site and satisfies search engines. This involves SEO optimization, maintaining brand voice consistency across all channels, and developing tailored strategies to enhance engagement and conversions.

Included Services

● SERP research ● Keyword research using semantics ● Ideation and content strategy ● Extensive content research ● Internal linking to generate content buckets ● 3 headline choices for each piece of content ● Micro details: Alt image attributes and meta descriptions, images, screenshots, graphs, and graphics that have been cited, statistic provided by reliable outside sources ● Monthly virtual meetings to discuss content, progress, and next steps!

Prices start from €300